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If you are looking for an empathetic specialist in reflexology, aromatherapy and massages for cancer patients in Cambridge, look no further than Fingertips! I offer personalised treatments from the comfort of your own home, using organic products and adapting my service to meet your needs. Whether you are a cancer patient in need of relaxation following chemotherapy treatment or someone suffering from Long Covid who requires help boosting their energy, I will provide a luxurious, empathetic service that gets to the root of your problem.

Keep reading to learn more about how I provide reflexology, aromatherapy and massages for cancer patients in Cambridge and individuals experiencing debilitating Long Covid symptoms.


Reflexology is an effective way of addressing both pain and stress. Many people undergoing cancer treatment will have a painful neck, for example, and reflexology treats this issue through applying pressure to reflex points on your feet and/or hands that correspond to the affected area, stimulating the energy channels in your body and promoting improved circulation.

Usually, a series of treatments is needed to have a proper therapeutic effect, and I will also give you further exercises to do after the session to facilitate faster healing. If you have Long Covid, my reflexology treatment will be geared around helping you feel more energised. I use organic, high-quality aromatherapy oils during the treatment, going the extra mile to personalise the experience by using your favourite kind of oil, such as lavender or lemon.

40 minutes foot reflexology - £30

30 minutes hands reflexology - £20

Foot and hand reflexology - £45


A deeply relaxing treatment that leaves you feeling both de-stressed and revitalised, along with providing relief from pain in specific areas like the neck or back. I customise each blend of organic aromatherapy oils to suit your individual needs and preferences, taking care to create an extremely calming, soothing atmosphere. After a couple of sessions, your body and mind will feel more relaxed, and any areas of discomfort will have receded in their severity following a targeted deep tissue massage. I can also give you some exercises following the treatment as a way of ensuring the health of affected areas of your body.

Upper back massage - £25

Face massage - £20

Indian Head Massage

What can be more relaxing than a good head massage? This treatment, originating from India, includes your upper back, neck, arms, hands, face, scalp, and can be personalised to your exact needs. You decide on how long the massage lasts and where you want me to focus my attention. I use extremely luxurious organic aromatherapy to make the treatment as relaxing and soothing as possible. Even a 15-minute massage treatment over your clothes can be beneficial. By undoing the ‘knots’ on your neck and shoulder muscles, a massage improves your circulation and releases a high amount of tension, allowing you to truly unwind and feel lighter on your feet.

Dry hands - £25

With organic aromatherapy oils - £30

Facial Massage

This highly popular treatment is one of the most relaxing and beneficial treatments for your skin. Using organic creams, gels and oils, your skin will be cleansed, massaged, and then moisturised to leave a smooth and shiny finish. If you have time, I will use an organic mask, which takes around 10 minutes to go ‘under’ the surface of your skin and do its work. I make sure you stay relaxed throughout the entire process by massaging your head, hands, or feet – depending on your preferences. You will feel astonishingly refreshed and destressed at the end of each session.

Facial using organic creams only - £20

Facial using organic creams and gua cha techniques - £25

Facial using organic creams, gua cha and reflexology - £30

Deep Tissue Massage

I offer a deep tissue massage that can be tailored to address a particularly painful area of your body. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, or suffer from Long Covid symptoms, you may develop a sore back or neck from sitting down all the time due to low energy, or you might have a complex issue like sciatica. Whatever your issue may be, I will modify the treatment – delivered using relaxing organic aromatherapy oils – to release blockages in these affected areas and allow energy to move more freely through these areas.

Deep tissue massage with organic aromatherapy oils - £30

Luxury Pedicure and Manicure

Treat yourself with a relaxing luxury pedicure or manicure. Depending on what you want done, the treatment includes nail filing, soaking and conditioning cuticles, foot/hand filing and exfoliating, foot wrap, and finish with a foot, leg, or hand massage. I also provide a little head, neck or shoulders massage, along with a hand or feet mask and warm mittens or socks to let the mask nourish and moisturise your skin for a good 10 minutes, thereby penetrating the skin and opening up pores. Treatment can also incorporate nutritious products that strengthen fingernails and toenails, which can become brittle during cancer treatment.

Luxury manicure - £25

Luxury pedicure - £25

Combination of luxury manicure and pedicure - £45

Interested hearing more about how I provide reflexology, aromatherapy and massages for cancer patients in Cambridge and people with Long Covid? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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